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Published on May 14th, 2014 | by Debbie Martin


Caring For Your Canine – How to Be Your Dogs Best Friend

Your dog is a wonderful companion who will always be a loyal friend to you, no matter what. However, your furry friend cannot take care of their own health, so it is up to you to look out for them and make sure that they receive the care that they need. Also, as your dog ages they will need more help to care for themselves as they will become more at risk for diseases and arthritis.

Here are some ways that you can protect the health of your dog as they age:

Control Their Weight

If your dog is overweight, this can put a lot of extra strain on their body. Keeping them at a health weight is very important – and might even involve reducing their portions as they get older and less active. If you notice that your dog is getting overweight, you should contact your vet in order to develop a healthy weight reduction programme.

Continue to Exercise Them

Provide your dog with plenty of activity and exercise as they grow older, in order to keep their joints healthy and keep their weight reduced to a healthy level. As your dog gets older over the years, he or she will not be able to handle strenuous exercise such as chasing balls in the park or running. They will need to enjoy gentle exercise, so develop an exercise schedule that is suitable for your furry friend. You might even want to consider swimming, which is a gentle exercise for your dog’s joints that will build up muscle mass.

Give Them Joint Support Supplements

As your dog gets older, they are more at risk for arthritis. When this happens, your vet might recommend that you use a joint supplement, which is a nutritional support that helps elderly dogs to maintain normal function in their tendons and joints. This can give them a lot of comfort when they get old and moving starts to become more painful for them.

Your dog is your best friend and they will always be there for you, so making sure that their health is protected is very important. These are some of the ways that you can look out for the health of your dog so that they will live a long and happy life and provide you with many years of loving companionship.

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