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Published on January 20th, 2016 | by Debbie Martin


How to collect a urine sample from your cat?

There may be many occasions in your cat’s life when your vet may request you to obtain a urine sample from your cat. Reasons range from a simple suspected bladder infection, to Diabetes and other long-term conditions such as Chronic Kidney Disease.

This simple request can leave many cat owners with an overwhelming sense of dread, as even the most well-mannered cat can prove tricky.

Most cat owners are familiar with how elusive their little feline friend becomes when the word ‘vet’ is mentioned or the cat basket is retrieved from the garage. Cats love their routine so when a visit to the vet is combined with being asked to do something a bit different, they don’t always co-operate which can make things a little stressful and this includes attempting to collect a urine sample from them. However, the good news is there is a way to do this without stressing you or your cat out!

For cats that are happy to use a litter tray a simple inexpensive kit can be purchased from most vets to aid you with collection, this includes:

  • Non-absorbent cat litter
  • Syringe or pipette
  • Sterile pot for collection

It is important firstly to empty and clean your cat’s existing litter tray before placing the non-absorbent litter in the tray. Try to keep the tray in the same place as usual, and keep all other feeding routines the same. Check back every hour and as soon as soon as your cat has passed urine, remove the tray and use the pipette or syringe to collect the sample and place it into the pot.

In an ideal situation you should get the sample to your vets within 4 hours. If this is not possible, store the sample in a cool and dry place until you can get it to the vets.

For cats who are not litter trained it is best to speak with your vet, who will be able to advise on alternatives which may need to be performed at the surgery.

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