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Published on January 23rd, 2017 | by Debbie Martin


Merial: Frontline Petcare Range

Winter Coat and Skin care

We are a nation of animal lovers, with up to 99% of owners considering their pet to be a member of their family – 9% even have their own Facebook page!1 Watching our pets’ racing around care-free on a walk or chasing a toy, brings a smile to our faces. We get so much pleasure from our furry companions and so it’s nice to give them something back!

Keeping them healthy with regular vaccinations and flea and worming control is essential. On top of that, some tender loving coat care will make them feel a million dollars. So, whether you have a pup that loves puddles or a fluffy feline friend prone to tangles, making time to clean their ears and eyes, or give them bath and a groom, will keep them looking great and feeling fantastic!

Staying sleek in wintertime is a challenge – muddy walks and drizzly days can make grooming a chore. Remember to keep hair between toes clipped short, nails tidy, and a bowl of warm water ready to rinse feet in when you return home. Cats often stay indoors more in the winter and nails can overgrow easily. Invest in a good scratching mat and a set of nail clippers to keep feet tip top and your sofa safe!

Regular grooming and coat care is essential to keep the skin nourished through winter. Damp, cold air walks followed by dry centrally-heated homes can lead to skin losing its resilience, and even predispose to infection.

But thanks to FRONTLINE®, makers of the {number #1 tick and flea prevention product}, looking after your pet’s every skincare need has never been easier!  The new FRONTLINE® PETCARE collection, will keep your pet feeling and looking great from nose to tip-of-tail!

With six easy-to-rinse shampoos to choose from, you can easily find the perfect product for your cat or dog.  PUPPY & KITTEN formulations make bath time fun and DARK COAT and WHITE COAT formulas enhance colour and shine. Sensitive skins will benefit from an especially soothing preparation just for them and with LONG COAT and ODOUR CONTROL products, you will be spoilt for choice.

In between bath times, or for more reluctant bathers, you can help your pet freshen up by giving them a quick ‘dry bath’ using FRONTLINE® LEAVE IN FOAM. This easy-to-use formula both cleanses and conditions – perfect for pets on the go!  For a super smooth and glossy finish… use FRONTLINE® DAILY SPRITZ’. This leave-in conditioning spray is enriched with macadamia oil and wheat extract, which will hydrate and restore even the driest coat!

By following a daily care routine, you can help your pet to glide effortlessly through winter coat and skin challenges, and for you, afterwards, the reward of a soft and fragrant sofa snuggle for your efforts!

Frontline Petcare Range


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  1. Heather Kemp says:

    Damp, cold air walks followed by dry centrally-heated homes can lead to skin losing its resilience, and even predispose to infection.

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