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Welcome to, the dedicated veterinary prescription website. Our UK based website specialises in proving pet medicines online, and is run by a practicing veterinary surgeon, supported by a team of dedicated and knowledgeable staff with years of animal health experience. We understand how important your animals health is to you and aim to provide a friendly and professional website, which allows you to make savings on pet prescription medications.

Until a change in the law in 2006, pet medicines could only ever be purchased from your veterinary surgeon. This usually resulted in high pet medicine costs, especially if the condition was on-going. When the law changed, it became possible for your veterinary surgeon to write a prescription for pet medicines, so you can purchase them from other sources. This change in the law ultimately meant that due to increased competition, pet owners that used to face high bills for their pets medicines could purchase these pet medicines at a much reduced cost.

A veterinary prescription must be obtained from the vet to purchase any pet medicines online. A vet prescription is a document that is provided by your vet which details your information, your pet’s information, the pet medicines to be prescribed, the strength, amount etc. The purpose of the vet prescription is to safeguard your animal, as it proves that a vet has seen the animal and made a clinical assessment that the pet medication is appropriate. If vet prescriptions were not required by law to purchase pet medicines, this could lead to over dosing, under dosing or inappropriate use of pet medicines which could all cause great harm to the animal.

There are many different types of animal medicines that require a vet prescription to purchase online; these medicines can range from preventative treatments for parasites to medicines that treat very specific conditions such as arthritis in dogs and cats.

Arthritis in dogs and cats is a common ailment, which can be caused by a number of factors. The most common cause of Arthritis in dogs and cats is old age. Many dogs and cats over the age of 7 will become stiff, slow and weak in their movements, which are common symptoms of arthritis. This onset of symptoms in the older animal is simply caused by wear and tear on the joints over the years. There are other factors that can influence the onset of arthritis in dogs and cats, such as injuries. Those injuries involving bones and joints that may have occurred when the animal was much younger can greatly increase the chances of arthritis in older age. For example, cruciate ligament tears, and broken legs, which even when repaired, all add pressure to surrounding joints. In dogs, the breed can be important, particularly larger breeds, which are generally more susceptible to arthritis anyway. This is due to the extra strain and weight placed upon the joints with a larger heavier dog. Breeds prone to arthritis include, Labrador Retrievers, German Shepherd Dogs and Great Danes.

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