Best Flea Treatment For Cats 2024

Fleas are not only a nuisance, they can also cause severe health risks if left untreated. Being proactive and ensuring you regularly treat your cats for fleas is paramount in maintaining your cat's well-being and safeguarding your household against infestations.

In this guide for 2024, we’ll take a look at the most effective flea treatments and shed light on preventive measures and eradication strategies.

What are fleas?

Ctenoccephalides felis is the scientific name for fleas. They are parasitic insects that thrive on the blood of mammals, including cats. They can cause irritation as well as health complications such as tapeworm, anaemia and dermatitis. 

Fleas are very adaptable - capable of rapidly multiplying and infiltrating various environments. This is why prevention is always easier than treatment.

How to spot fleas

  • Incessant scratching
  • Flea excrement on fur and bedding
  • Skin redness
  • The presence of fleas

The most effective flea treatments

Frontline Spray

Frontline Spray is a versatile solution for controlling flea infestations in cats and dogs. Formulated to curb infestations and prevent reoccurrence swiftly, it is particularly beneficial for households with multiple pets.

Frontline Plus Spot-On

This innovative topical solution offers dual-action benefits, exterminating fleas and ticks while impeding the hatching of eggs and larvae. Its user-friendly application via a pipette on the nape of the neck ensures ease and efficiency.

Advantage 40

Advantage 40 is ideal for smaller pets weighing under 4kg and provides comprehensive protection against fleas and biting lice. Its efficacy extends to cats over 8 weeks old and rabbits over 10 weeks old, making it a suitable choice for diverse pet demographics.


If you’re tackling persistent flea and tick infestations, Flevox offers a licensed solution requiring prior animal registration. Available in convenient pipette packaging, it ensures prolonged protection against parasites.

Vectra Felis

Vectra Felis is used to treat and prevent external parasite infestations in cats. The treatment prevents flea infestations for one month. It also prevents multiplication of fleas for two months after application by inhibiting egg hatching and the emergence of adults from eggs laid previously.

RIP Fleas

If you’re looking to eradicate fleas from your home, RIP fleas is a potent solution capable of lasting up to 12 months. Employing a multifaceted approach, including deep cleaning and targeted sprays, addresses all stages of the flea life cycle.

We also recommend vacuuming regularly and washing your bedding and other soft upholstery at a high temperature.

Seresto Cat Collar

The Seresto Flea and Tick Control Collar offers an innovative approach to long-term flea prevention. With an extended efficacy lasting up to eight months, it forms an invisible shield against fleas and ticks, ensuring uninterrupted protection for feline companions.

Holistic approach to feline health

Beyond flea control, to keep your cat healthy we recommend:

  • Regular deworming
  • Access to fresh drinking water
  • A balanced and nutritious diet
  • Plenty of physical activity
  • Regular grooming (especially for long-haired cats)
  • Neutering to avoid unwanted litter
  • Stimulating toys

We advise that you consult a vet before commencing any flea treatment regimen, as personalised guidance can optimise outcomes.

To ensure your cat is clear of fleas, it’s crucial to keep up with treatments. Using preventive measures allows you to keep your cat healthy and your home flea-free.

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