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Skin Care for Dogs

There are certain breeds of dog that are more susceptible to sensitive skin but any dog can suffer allergies or sensitivities to things they commonly encounter such as grass, dust, and pollen. One of the first defences is to remove the item that they are sensitive top after walks by bathing the paws and using an anti-allergy shampoo. We also have spot on treatments that provide a complementary support for dogs suffering skin conditions. For sensitive, dry and itchy skin we have a collection of different shampoos that are specifically formulated to help. As with any conditions, and particularly one that is regularly impacting your pets happiness and health, always check with a vet before choosing an approach.

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  1. Allermyl Shampoo

    Allermyl Shampoo is a foaming micro-emulsion and unscented shampoo for cats and dogs.

  2. Frontline Pet Care Sensitive Skin Shampoo

    Formulated with dogs and cats with dry, irritated or damaged skin.

  3. Frontline Pet Care Paw Balm

    Moisturises and protects the sensitive areas of the feet in dogs and cats. 

  4. Frontline Pet Care Skin Care Gel

    Designed to help soothe patches of irritated skin in dogs and cats.

  5. Imaverol Ringworm Treatment

    For the control of Dermatomycosis (eg Ringworm) in Horses, Cattle & Dogs.

  6. Logic EaseDerm Chews for Dogs

    Logic EaseDerm for Dogs is a nutrional supplement which has been developed to add moisture to dry, irritated skin and help maintain a healthy, shiny coat.

  7. Multiderm Spray

    A natural spray that provides a flexible antibacterial barrier for minor cuts & wounds.

  8. Dermallay Neutrale Shampoo

    A specially formulated shampoo for cats & dogs to maintain a healthy & glossy coat.

  9. Remend Wound Spray - 15ml

    Remend Wound Spray is a simple and effective gel used to heal superficial skin wounds including cuts, abrasions and lacerations on dogs and cats.

  10. Sebomild P Shampoo

    A hypo-allergenic shampoo for dogs and cats which may be used as an aid in the management of generalised scaly, greasy skin conditions

  11. Sebocalm Shampoo

    A gentle, soap-free, hypo-allergenic shampoo designed for frequent use to optimise skin and coat condition.

  12. Sebolytic Shampoo

    A medicated shampoo containing an original combination of ingredients including tea-tree oil to aid in the management of greasy-skin conditions in dogs and cats

Items 1-12 of 22

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