Digestive Care for Cats

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  1. Kaogel VP

    Kaogel is for the oral treatment of diarrhoea of non-specific origin in cats and dogs.

  2. Katalax for Cats

    Katalax is a palatable blend of white soft paraffin, cod liver oil and malt extract that’s aids the elimination of hairballs.

  3. Logic Firm - 10ml

    Logic Firm is a balanced and proven intestinal support for cats and dogs.

  4. Logic EaseBall Chews for Cats

    Logic EaseBall for Cats is a tasty salmon soft chew to help minimise hairballs and their symptoms.

  5. Promax Once-a-Day for Cats & Small Dogs

    A triple action nutritional supplement to help restore normal digestive function.

5 Items

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