Dental Care for Cats

At 365VET, we believe that keeping on top of your cat’s dental hygiene is crucial to their overall well-being. When caring for your cat’s teeth you need to use products specifically formulated for cats. We stock tried and trusted brands such as PlaqueOff, Dentagen, and Hexarinse.    

Our range of products is formulated to help reduce plaque and tartar buildup, freshen breath, and support healthy gums. Make dental care a part of your cat's grooming routine to ensure it’s done regularly.

Regular brushing can help prevent dental issues and promote oral health. Maintain your cat's oral hygiene between brushing with our dental gels and rinses. These easy-to-use products are designed to freshen your cat’s breath, reduce bacteria, and promote healthy gums. 

Many of our supplements are enriched with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to help maintain strong teeth and healthy gums. Incorporate them into your cat's daily routine for comprehensive dental care.

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Do cats need dental care?

Yes, it is a common misconception that cats’ teeth will care for themselves. Keeping on top of your cat’s oral hygiene can prevent illnesses such as gum disease. 

Do you need cat toothpaste? 

Yes, you should not use regular toothpaste on a cat, it is made for humans and could make your cat ill. 

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