Eye & Ear Care for Cats

The general care of your cats eyes and ears is imperative to prevent infections and infestations. Cats enjoy a lot of wild environments from knocked over rubbish bins through to knee-high grassy fields and woodland. There is plenty of opportunity for them to pick up bacteria or suffer scratches and scrapes. If you suspect infection due to excessive rubbing, itching, weeping in the eyes or a build up of wax in the ears, then consult your veterinary surgeon. We have a range of eye and ear cleaners which can help maintain their overall cleanliness and wellbeing. Our eye cleaners for cats gently cleanse the eyes and remove any stains from the surrounding areas. A good cat ear cleaner quickly softens and dissolves accumulated wax and debris without destroying the natural oils that reside in the ear canal.

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  1. Surosolve Ear Cleaner

    An ear cleaner for cats and dogs containing ingredients that provide antibacterial and antiseptic action.

  2. Sancerum Ear Cleaner

    Sancerum is an antiseptic and anti fungal ear cleanser for cats and dogs.

  3. Otoclean Ear Cleaner

    Contains cleansing and hydrating ingredients, which makes Otoclean ideal for the hygiene and care of the external ear canal of cats and dogs

  4. Lubrithal Eye Gel

    Lubrithal Gel is a carbomer lubricating fluid that soothes and moisturises, maintaining the tear layer of the eye.

  5. Frontline Pet Care Ear Cleaner

    A cleansing gel for dogs and cats that also soothes and protects the ears.

  6. Frontline Pet Care Eye Cleaner

    A neutral cleansing solution for the eyes and surrounding areas in dogs and cats.

  7. CleanAural Cat Ear Cleaner

    A specially formulated solution of gentle solvents designed to rapidly soften and dissolve accumulated wax and debris in cats. 

  8. CleanOcular Eye Cleanser

    A solution of mild cleansers which gently soothe and clean the eye and eye surroundings.

  9. Remend Cornea Gel - 3ml

    Remend Cornea Gel 3ml is used as part of a treatment plan for superficial corneal ulcers and abrasions.

  10. Remend Dry Eye Drops - 10ml

    Remend Dry Eye Drops 10ml provide hydration and lubrication for dry or irritated eyes

11 Items

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