ginger cat sat in the sun

Summertime brings long, sunny days, and cats love to spend this time outdoors. 

While it's delightful to see our feline friends soaking up the sun, it's important to be aware of the potential hazards that can jeopardise their safety during this warmer season. In this blog post, we will discuss essential measures to protect your beloved cat during the summer months.

Hydration and Heat Management

As temperatures rise, cats become more prone to dehydration. To prevent this, ensure your cat always has access to a bowl of fresh water. Hydration is crucial, especially on hot and sunny days. Additionally, if your cat has access to an outdoor pond, regularly check for algae growth as it can be toxic if consumed. 

Never leave your cat alone in a parked car during the summer, the temperature inside a vehicle can escalate rapidly, turning it into a dangerous space for your cat to be. Heatstroke is a severe condition that can lead to a coma or even fatality in cats. Always prioritise their safety by never leaving them unattended in a parked car.

Protection Against Sunburn

Contrary to popular belief, cats can get sunburnt too, their ears, nose, and areas with light-coloured fur or hairless breeds are particularly vulnerable. Consider using pet-friendly sunscreen specifically designed for cats. Applying a thin layer to their exposed areas can safeguard them from harmful UV rays and potential sunburn.

Parasite Prevention

Fleas and ticks are more prevalent during the summer months. It’s important to ensure your cat is protected by using appropriate anti-parasitic products recommended by your vet. Regularly check your cat's fur for signs of infestation, such as excessive scratching or visible parasites. Prompt action and preventive measures can help prevent discomfort and the transmission of diseases.

Chemical Safety

With sheds, garages, and hobby areas frequently left open in the summer, it's essential to be cautious about potential chemical hazards. Chemicals like paints, cleaners, and oils can be toxic to cats. Even if your cat merely steps on a surface contaminated with these substances and licks their paws, it can lead to poisoning. Store chemicals securely in areas inaccessible to your feline friend to prevent accidental exposure.

Protection from Insect Stings

Insect stings can be a hazard for cats during the summer. If your cat gets stung, particularly around the mouth or throat, it can result in airway swelling and breathing difficulties. Act promptly by taking your cat to the veterinarian if they experience a sting. They can provide the necessary treatment to alleviate discomfort and prevent further complications.

Summer brings joy and outdoor adventures for both humans and their feline companions. By remaining vigilant and taking proactive measures, you can ensure the safety and well-being of your beloved cat during this season. Remember to provide ample hydration, protect against sunburn, prevent parasites, keep chemicals out of reach, and be aware of potential insect stings or snake bites. By prioritising cat safety, you can enjoy a worry-free summer together.

For further advice on keeping your cat safe this summer or any other concerns, don't hesitate to reach out to our team of experts at 365 Vet. We are here to support you and your feline friend throughout the year.


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