Equitop Myoplast - 1.5kg Tub


Equitop Myoplast is an oral supplement specifically formulated to support muscle development in horses. 

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Equitop Myoplast is a unique supplement scientifically designed to support muscle development. Packed with 18 key amino acids, these 'power pearls' support lean muscle growth, not bulk, giving your horse the power to win. It is both safe and effective as a supplement for muscle hypertrophy and strength training. 

Amino acids are the natural building blocks required by the body for protein synthesis. The blend of amino acids in Equitop Myoplast can help enable horses to build up muscle faster and respond better to training allowing them to reach new levels of speed, strength and stamina. The production of protein is reliant on the correct pool of amino acids being present in the horses diet. Protein production can be compromised if one or more of the required amino acids are lacking so EquitopMyoplast ensures the horse that issue is addressed. 

Equitop Myoplast can help support the growth and recovery of muscle tissue, making it great for horses in intensive training as well as young, breeding and convalescing horse. Ensuring a steady production of protein is very much akin to the protein shake supplements athletes take. Whether overcoming injury or pushing through a challenging training regime the production of protein to aid repair, recovery and energy levels is well documented. 

It is a perfect choice when you do not want to add bulk by increasing calories in the form of fats and oils to improve condition or in horses that tend to get "fizzy" when concentrate are increased. 

When is Equitop Myoplast a good idea?

  • When your horse is going through intensive training or working towards a competition
  • At the beginning of a season or when your horse is returning to training after time off
  • For a young horse first entering training to help cope with the new demands
  • As your horse ages and struggles to maintain condition
  • As a horse undergoes rehabilitation and needs the extra protein for repair and strength building

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