Flee Household Spray


Flee Household Spray provides household protection against flea infestations. 

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The active component of Flee is dimeticone, which coats fleas, eggs, larvae and pupae, arresting their development. This mechanical mode of action makes it impossible for fleas to become resistant to the treatment. That’s why FLEE even controls fleas resistant to conventional pesticides. 

Instantly stops adult fleas from jumping, Works at every stage of the flea life cycle: adult, eggs. 
Larvae and pupae it’s the one sure way to rid your home of fleas quickly, FLEE is completely safe for you, your pets, your home, and the environment. 
Odourless and non-allergenic. 
Control flea infestations in the domestic environment (houses, cars, caravans, etc.) 

It is not necessary to treat the whole house. Just focus on areas which are directly in contact with pets and could have been infected. 

These include pet bedding, carpets, sofas, furnishings and car seats. 

Flee actively controls adult fleas, larvae, eggs and pupae for nine weeks following application.

Using in conjunction with flea spot-on treatments for a much longer flea-free period