Promax Once-a-Day for Cats & Small Dogs


A triple action nutritional supplement to help restore normal digestive function.

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A triple action nutritional supplement to help restore normal digestive function. Digestive upsets are probably he most common reason to take your pet to the vet. They can be caused by something quite simple such as inappropriate food, scavenging, a change or diet, stress or something more serious such as bacterial infection, parasites or problems with digesting food.

Montmorillonite - a special type of clay which binds bacteria viruses and toxins, thus protecting the intestine from their damaging effects.

Probiotic Promax uses an Eu-registered strain of probiotic called Enterococcus faecium E1707  which multiplies rapidly in the intestine, increasing gut acidity and inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria. 

Prebiotics & Glutamine - Mannan obligosaccharides are yeast extracts which bind themselves to harmful bacteria and help prevent them from attaching to the gut lining.

They also aid digestion and enhance the immune system. Glutamine is a naturally occurring amino acid. It is the most important nutrient for the cells lining the intestine, and provides these cells with vital energy. This reduces damage to the gut lining, thus speeding recovery.

Small Breed (<10kg) - 9ml syringe, 3ml once a day.

Medium Breed (10-25kg) - 18ml syringe, 6ml once a day. 

Large Breed ( >25kg) - 30ml syringe, 10ml once a day.